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Solicitation for Pro and Con Statements

Help us inform New Yorkers about the three important proposals on the ballot this November!

At the General Election on November 7th, voters will be asked to vote yes or no on the following ballot proposals:

Constitutional Convention:  Every 20 years, New York voters are asked to decide whether there should be a convention to examine and amend the New York State Constitution.  

Pension Forfeiture: Voters will decide whether a court should be allowed to reduce or revoke the pensions of public officials convicted of serious crimes related to the performance of their duties.  

Forest Preserve Land Bank: Voters will approve or reject a proposal to create a land bank in the state’s forest preserve, which communities within the preserve can use for specific health and safety purposes.

To help New Yorkers cast an informed vote on these important issues, the CFB is seeking brief “pro” and “con” statements from organizations and individuals who are advocating a yes or no vote on each of these ballot proposals. Each statement must be about one proposal, take a clear position for or against it, and include reasons why New Yorkers should vote yes or no in 200 words or less. Submitters must provide their name and/or the name of their organization; anonymous statements will not be considered.  Those who wish to advocate a yes or no vote on more than one must submit a separate statement for each proposal.

All accepted pro and con statements will be posted on our website, and inform our in-depth coverage of the proposals in the print and online editions of the Voter Guide, New York City’s trusted, nonpartisan voter resource since 1989.

Help your fellow voters cast an informed ballot by submitting your statement using the form below. For the official ballot questions and abstracts from the NYS Board of Elections, click here

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