Public Meeting Agenda: New York City Campaign Finance Board


The New York City Campaign Finance Board (CFB) will hold a public meeting today at 10:00 AM to vote on public matching funds payments to candidates in the 2021 elections. The full meeting agenda is included below.

The CFB is holding all public meetings remotely at this time. Tuesday's meeting is accessible to the public online.


New York City Campaign Finance Board
Public Meeting Agenda
February 16, 2021


 1. Approval of Minutes from January 28, 2021
 2. Report of the Chair

 3. Report of the Voter Assistance Advisory Committee Chair
 4. Report of the Executive Director

 5. Vote on 2021 Pre-ballot Public Funds Payments
 6. Vote on 7-09 Petition
  • George Wonica (2021)
 7. Vote on Ratifying Public Funds Payments
  • City Council District 31 (2021B)
  • City Council District 11 & 15 (2021C)
 8. Executive Session

The agenda is subject to change. Modifications made prior to the meeting may be posted to the agency’s Twitter feed, @NYCCFBPlease visit the CFB's YouTube channel for archived videos of past meetings.