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    Be an engaged, informed voter! Register to vote, see who’s running, learn how and where to cast your ballot, and help us get more New Yorkers involved.
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    Interested in running for office? Learn how to get your campaign started, join the matching funds program, and find the tools you’ll need to succeed.
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    Follow the Money
    Track every dollar raised and spent in NYC elections. Browse the CFB’s searchable database, summaries, campaign filings, audit reports, and more.
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    Matching Funds Program
    Learn how NYC’s Campaign Finance Program empowers candidates who rely on small-dollar contributors instead of big money from special interests.
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    Independent Expenditures
    Find out more about the rules for disclosure of independent expenditures in NYC elections—some of the strongest requirements in the nation.
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    Law & Rules
    Review the city Campaign Finance Act, relevant Charter excerpts, CFB Rules, advisory opinions, penalty guidelines, and Board determinations.
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    About the NYCCFB
    Learn about the New York City Campaign Finance Board, its history, its members, and current staff.
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    News & Media
    Watch videos of CFB meetings and events; read press releases, CFB’s Full Disclosure blog, CFB reports, and more.